Our dogs

Lead dogs

„Lead dogs“ run at the front and assume the leading position of the team. As a rule, intelligent and obedient dogs are chosen for this. They need to understand and act on the musher’s commands, as well as instinctively choose the better route, whether it’s due to thin ice cover on the water or general snow/ground conditions.

Team dogs

„Team dogs“ form the middle of the team and implement the guidelines of the lead dogs. If there are more than 6 dogs in a team, the first two dogs behind the lead dogs are called „swing dogs“. In this position you can use young dogs that should later become lead dogs. They can learn quite much from the lead dogs in front of them.

Wheel dogs

The „Wheel Dogs“ are clamped directly in front of the sled. These are mostly large and strong dogs. They struggle with the most weight at the start or when the sled gets stuck somewhere.