Sustainability & environment

We are an official Västerbotten Experience. It ensures you’ll get genuine Västerbotten culture and nature.

As a Västerbotten Experience, we base our business on sustainability. And it is always characterized by Västerbotten’s lifestyle and hospitality.
Look out for the Västerbotten Experience sign when planning your trip.
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Sustainability policy

We want to be an environmentally friendly and climate-smart company and offer to our guests unforgettable experiences in nature.
Paws of Björnlund wants to contribute to economic development of the region, the local culture and the community. We introduce to our visitors and guests quality products from local entrepreneurs and almost all food served by our company should be locally produced as much as possible.
Before all our experiences we make sure that all participants meet the necessary requirements to ensure the highest possible safety level for them, our dogs and ourselves. All known risks are analyzed before the experiences and changes are made if necessary.
We attach great importance to customer reviews and try to implement all suggestions for improvement.
Paws of Björnlund takes care of interests and culture of the indigenous and local population and we are also informing our guests about the current situation during the experiences.
Environmental and climate issues are always in focus of our company and we are constantly striving to become more and more environmentally friendly.

Environmental plan

Local cooperation
Paws of Björnlund cooperates with local companies regarding different accommodations during the multi-day tours or daily experiences.
We work actively to inform the guests about other activities and places to visit, mainly in Västerbotten region and encourages guests to visit local producers.

Social responsibility and animal welfare
Paws of Björnlund is following the rules of Länsstyrelsen Västerbotten concerning the animal welfare but is implementing own much higher leveled guidelines toward the dogs.

Paws of Björnlund has safety rules and routines during the experiences which are communicated to each guest before the booking and/or start.

The guest/visitor experience
Customer satisfaction is measured verbally and via official reviews submitted via Facebook and Google. The company responds to every review and follows up for to measure customer satisfaction and develop the business and get more visitors.

Purchases – groceries, food and drink
The focus of the company is to increase organic and locally produced beverage and food products. Tap water or fresh water from the nature is offered during the activities.
Disposable items are used in exceptional cases and are only environmentally friendly products.
Paws of Björnlund is trying to increase the percentage of organic products each year as much as possible.

The main property is heated by a geothermal heat pump system, the guesthouse through electricity. The energy consumption is checked monthly. The guests are assigned responsibility for saving energy without loosing comfort during their stay.
In the future it is planed to install an air heating pump in the guesthouse to reduce the electricity amount for heating. Solar panels are discussed for the main property to produce own electricity.

The company informs guests about environmentally friendly alternative transport such as local and regional bus traffic as well as airport buses and train connections.

The company sorts every kind of garbage and all bins are marked in English.

Waste water goes to approved septic tanks which are emptied once a year.

Water is coming from own water wells. Guests are remind to conserve water and inform about dripping taps and running toilets.

Harmful and toxic substances
The use of harmful substances, including pesticides, paint, disinfectants and cleaning agents are minimized. They are replaced with more environmentally friendly products and processes when it is possible. Storage, use, handling and disposal of chemicals are handled correctly.

Purchasing suppliers
Paws of Björnlund uses local companies when renovating and maintaining the buildings or the equipment.